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The Paris Deception

Book Review The Paris Deception by Bryn TurnbullHistorical Fiction | Art Reader’s Thoughts: The moment I first saw this cover, it immediately called to me. Add in a description about women rescuing looted art that was slated for destruction by the Nazis, and I couldn’t resist applying for an early copy from Netgalley! I love …

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The Revenge List

Book Review The Revenge List by Hannah Mary McKinnonThriller | Mystery Thriller While in anger management, Frankie makes a list of individuals who have wronged her over the years. But when each of those individuals encounters “accidents” — increasing in severity — Frankie begins questioning whether something else is going on. Reader’s Thoughts: The Revenge …

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The Librarian Spy

Book Review The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin Librarians and spies… need I say more? This WWII historical fiction is an inspiring tale of courage and hope, set amidst the backdrop of German occupied France, and neutral Portugal.

The Last Grand Duchess

Book Review The Last Grand Duchess by Bryn Turnbull The Romanov family has long held fascination for many of us. The last Tsar and his family, disappearing in the middle of the night. Stories of bullets bouncing off clothes lined with jewels, and countless imposters claiming to be one of the daughters. And while we …

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The Ex-Husband

Book Review The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton It’s an offer she can’t refuse… and can’t escape. Charlotte is an ex-con. But her past is catching up with her. And when she’s invited aboard a luxury yacht to act as a personal assistant, she realizes that someone else on board knows what she’s done. And they …

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