February Mini-Challenge 2021

February Mini-Challenge text and hearts over photo of a book

It’s time for a February mini-challenge! Since our December mini reading challenge was such a hit, we decided to continue on with the fun.

We haven’t had a ton of romance-themed prompts in the past, but what better time than the month of chocolates and Hallmark cards? So bring on the roses and tealight candles because this mini-challenge is all about love stories!

NOTE: You don’t have to read a romance novel to fit the prompts. Using our love-based theme, we’ve intentionally picked three prompts that can be interpreted with a wide variety of options. You may use this as a chance to dive into a new love story, a fantasy pick, or even a murder mystery. The options are endless!

Who should participate in this?

Everyone! You’re all welcome to join in on this mini-challenge.

Having said that, these prompts are in addition to the 52 prompts on our 2021 Challenge. This means that if you participate in our regular full challenge, as well as our mini-challenges, you’ll be reading far more than fifty books a year. This isn’t possible for everyone and we completely understand that! That’s why this challenge is a bonus particularly designed for our speed readers.

For those who can’t read 52 books in a year but still want to participate in this February challenge, feel free to try and combine these prompts with the ones on our regular challenge!

February Mini-Challenge:

The three bonus categories for this month are:

  • a red spine
  • related to the word “magical”
  • a great platonic friendship

Pick one book for each of the prompts (three books total) and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

As always, don’t forget to share your picks in our Facebook group or on Instagram! (Use the hashtag #the52bookclub2021 so we can find you!)

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  1. Tshura Sinclair

    i found a book with a red spine and a book related to the word magical but am having trouble finding the great platonic relationship . Will keep searching .

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