June 2022 Mini-Challenge

Pack your bags! Our June 2022 mini-challenge is here and it’s all about summer travel!

We’ve got three brand new prompts for you this month, perfect for any lazy days by the lake or long road-trips across the country. These June prompts are fairly straightforward, but as always, feel free to get creative with your interpretations. We love seeing what you come up with. As we travel the globe, one page at a time, we’re so excited to see where your 52 Book Club picks are taking you this month!

Here’s to days spent in the sunshine with a good book!

June 2022 Mini-Challenge:

1. Suitcase on the cover

2. Set in a place you wish you were vacationing

3. “Planes, trains, and automobiles”

Match one book to each of the prompts (for a total of three books). Share your picks in our Facebook groupGoodreads group, or on Instagram using the hashtag #the52bookclub2022. You can also find these listed as bonus prompts on our StoryGraph challenge.

You can choose to read these books in addition to your regular 52 Book Club reads (as of right now, we’re at 64 prompts for the year), or you can combine them with prompts still left on your 2022 list. As always, get as creative as you like with the prompts and have fun!

Need some help with how to interpret these prompts?

  1. Suitcase on the cover: June’s mini-challenge is all about vacation and travel — and what better way to start than by packing our bags? For this prompt, choose a book with a suitcase on the cover. This could be the word “suitcase” in the title or a photo of a suitcase on the cover. Any style of suitcase works, past or present!

    Goodreads List: Suitcase on the cover
  1. Set in a place you wish you were vacationing: Dreaming of a vacation someplace warm? Want to see the lights of Paris? The pyramids? Or the Great Wall of China? This month, pick a book set in a place you wish you were vacationing. It could be a specific location (Example: Iceland, or Berlin) or somewhere more general (Example: set on an unnamed beach, or camping in the woods.) This prompt is completely personal preference.

    Goodreads List: Set in a place you wish you were vacationing
  1. “Planes, trains, and automobiles.” For this final prompt, feel free to get as creative as you like! Pick a book set on a train or plane, or a story that features a road trip. There could be an airplane on the cover, the word train in the title, a character who is a mechanic, etc. The book could feature multiple modes of transportation, or just one of the three. Have fun with it!

    Goodreads List: “Planes, trains, and automobiles”

Will you be taking these book picks on any vacations with you this month?

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