March 2022 Mini-Challenge

Happy Pi day!

March 14 is Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π! It’s celebrated on 3/14 since the first digits of pi are 3.14. It’s also just an excuse to eat pie. Am I right?

And to further the celebrations, we’ve dedicated our March mini-challenge to pi (or pie) related prompts!

Despite this mini-challenge being released halfway through the month, we’re still giving you three prompts. Don’t forget that you can always carry these over into the coming months if you don’t finish in time. You can also choose double these up with your regular reads, or try picking children’s books if you want to participate but are feeling crunched on time.

And as always, we’ve compiled some ideas for interpreting the prompts, as well as Goodreads lists for book suggestions. Keep reading to check those out too!

March 2022 Mini-Challenge:

1. A character who works in maths or sciences

2. A circle on the cover

3. Pi or Pie?

Match one book to each of the prompts (for a total of three books). Share your picks in our Facebook groupGoodreads group, or on Instagram using the hashtag #the52bookclub2022. You can also find these listed as bonus prompts on our StoryGraph challenge.

You can choose to read these books in addition to your regular 52 Book Club reads (we’re up to 58 prompts for the year now), or you can combine them with prompts still left on your 2022 list. As always, get as creative as you like with the prompts and have fun!

Need some help with how to interpret these prompts?

  1. A character who works in maths or sciences: Our first prompt features a character with a career in mathematics or science. Any career within these two subjects will work! It could also feature a character who “works” on these things as a hobby. This could be the main character or a secondary character.

    Goodreads List: A character who works in maths or sciences
  1. A circle on the cover: This prompt is fairly self explanatory, but it’s up to you to decide how prominent the circle is! Any cover with a circle on it will work. It could be an abstract cover with circles for design, or simply a circular object (like a sun or dinner plate) on the cover.

    Goodreads List: A circle on the cover
  1. Pi or Pie?: We’re celebrating Pi day! What is pi? Pi is a mathematical term meaning “the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle.” This is in comparison to pie, which is a type of dessert. So what do we do with this as a prompt?

    Feel free to interpret this prompt as creatively as you like! You could choose a book related to pie, and pick a dessert on the cover or a character who is a baker. Alternatively, you could pick something related to pi — a math textbook, a memoir about a mathematician. You could also pick a book like “Life of Pi” or even, a book about a PI (Private Investigator.) Have fun with this one!

    Goodreads list: Pi or Pie?

What books are you picking for this month’s mini-challenge?

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  1. Amazing! Do you guys have a blank reading log? After these my 52 week version will be filled, but I love writing the books on the printable log. Do you have blanks?

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