October 2022 Mini-Challenge

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are October mini-challenges.”

Been missing the mini-challenges? Us too! The mini-challenges are back and we are launching into October with all the spooky, thrilling reads. Here are three brand new prompts to add to your October 2022 TBR pile.

Not into scary stories? Not to worry, we love creative interpretations too! We’ve shared some ideas for these prompts below, as well as included links to our Goodreads lists. Prompts can be filled using any genre, author, reading level, or form of reading.

Happy reading, book worms!

October 2022 Mini-Challenge:

1. Local Legends

2. A psychological thriller

3. Related to the word “dark”

Match one book to each of the prompts (for a total of three books). Share your picks in our Facebook groupGoodreads group, or on Instagram using the hashtag #the52bookclub2022. You can also find these listed as bonus prompts on our StoryGraph challenge.

You can choose to read these books in addition to your regular 52 Book Club reads (as of right now, we’re at 67 prompts for the year), or you can combine them with prompts still left on your 2022 list. As always, get as creative as you like with the prompts and have fun!

Need some help with how to interpret these prompts?

  1. Local Legends: From Big Foot or The Yeti, to the Loch Ness Monster, Atlantis, or the legend of the fountain of youth, there are so many different types of legends out there. You could chose a book that mentions King Arthur and his knights of the round table, or a book featuring a local ghost story or cryptid like Frogman or the Jersey Devil. A legend differs from myth in that it’s usually built around a historical event or person (something that people believe to be true.)

    The “local” part of this prompt is also up to your own interpretation. You could chose a famous legend from your city or home country, or could decide on a legend that is local for the character in the novel.

    And remember, while our theme for October may be “spooky,” there are lots of non-scary options for this prompt too!

    Goodreads List: Local Legends
  1. A psychological thriller: Psychological thrillers are a subgenre of thrillers with plot twists and dark atmosphere galore! It’s often told through the perspective of characters with stressed or distorted perceptions. There are usually strong elements of mystery, action, drama, and paranoia. This genre explores some of the darker corners of the human mind, so tension and internal conflict is key!

    As always, remember that the interpretation for these prompts are up to you. Trying to think outside of the box for this one? How about a non-fiction book about psychology that you personally find thrilling? Don’t forget to share any other alternative ideas with the group!

    Goodreads List: A psychological thriller
  1. Related to the word “dark:” For this final prompt, feel free to get as creative as you like! You could choose a cover with a nighttime design or darker colors as graphics. It could be a book with dark themes, a title with the word “dark” in it, or a book by an author with the last name “Dark.” The word dark could also relate to a specific character or a realm in which the novel is set. You could choose creepy, gothic, and haunted, or go with a much lighter genre but choose a book that has a black spine, for example. There are an endless variety of interpretations for this prompt and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Goodreads List: Related to the word dark.

What books will you be reading for this month’s prompts?

3 thoughts on “October 2022 Mini-Challenge”

  1. These look tough at first glance, but I am sure I will find some books (hopefully on my bookshelves) after checking the Goodreads list. Sounds fun! Thanks for putting this together!

  2. I’m from Iowa, so I looked up a book on Iowa legends–and found out there’s one included in the book from my county! Should be an interesting book!

  3. Local Legends —Haints, Witches and Boogers…Tales From Upper East Tennessee. I lived there over 20 years ago.
    Psychological Thriller—Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham
    Related to Dark—Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

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