Read It, Watch It 2023 Challenge

Read It, Watch It Challenge

A 2023 Bonus Challenge

The “Read It, Watch It” challenge is back! This was a 52 Book Club fan created addition to some of our past challenges, and we’re excited to have it return for 2023!

Our “Read It, Watch It” is an optional, bonus challenge that ties into the prompts you’re already reading for the 2023 challenge! Over the course of the year, we’ll be reading, watching, and discussing books and movies that fit under four of our 2023 prompts. This is a fun way to dive deeper into a story and see the films or shows that were inspired by it!

How it works:

1) Our “Read It, Watch It” challenge has four prompts to be completed (read and watched) during a specific time of the year. This year’s prompts are:

January – March: A book under 200 pages
April – June: Featuring one of the seven deadly sins
July – September: A banned book
October – December: A book about secrets

2) For each of the four prompts, pick a book that not only matches the prompt but ALSO has a movie and/or TV adaptation. As always, feel free to get creative with your book choice.

3) During the corresponding months, read it, watch it, and discuss! Join the Facebook group and watch for specific discussion threads related to our Read It, Watch It challenge! These discussions will be hosted by one of our longtime 52 Book Club members, and inspiration for the original 52 Book Club Read It, Watch It challenge — Melissa Hoyt!


You can download a printable version of the above graphic here:

Questions and tips:

  • What if I already read and finished one of these prompts? Not to worry, there are several options! If the book you picked happens to have a movie or show adaptation, you’re ahead of the game! Watch it during the set months and join in the discussion.

    If it doesn’t have an adaptation, you can either skip that part of this Read It, Watch It challenge OR choose to complete the prompt again with another book. (That doesn’t, mean your first pick was a waste — it will likely fit another prompt on the 2023 challenge. Feel free to move them around!)
  • Does the movie have to be a direct adaptation of the book? No. As always, feel free to get creative with this bonus challenge. For example, you might choose to read the book “Pride and Prejudice” for the prompt “Featuring one of the seven deadly sins.” When it comes to picking the film version, you might go with a traditional retelling of the story or a spin-off like Bridget Jones’ Diary. It’s up to you!

Need ideas for some of these prompts? Check out our Goodreads Lists for book ideas, or read through our 2023 Challenge Guide for some ideas on how to interpret the prompts!

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