3 stars

The Pilot’s Daughter

Book Review The Pilot’s Daughter by Meredith Jaeger Plop me in a bookstore, twirl me around, and inevitably, you’ll find me standing in front of a pile of WWII set novels. The covers feel romantic and dreamy — and usually include a woman facing away. No matter how many I read, I find them irresistible. …

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The Open House

Book Review The Open House by Sam Carrington Everyoneโ€™s welcome. But not everyone leavesโ€ฆ In the midst of a divorce, Amber and her ex-husband Nick are selling the family home. But for such a desirable location, it’s curious that there’s been no interest. When her real estate agent suggests an open house, Amber is less than …

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Five Little Words

Book Review Five Little Words by Jackie Walsh Laura Caldwell arrives home from the hospital with her newborn baby, Shay in tow. But amidst the congratulatory cards, there’s a note that makes her blood run cold. Those five little words — your husband is a murderer — change everything. Could her husband, Conor, really be …

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