2024 Reading Challenge

The 52 Book Club’s 2024 Reading Challenge

Do you love reading? Whether you’re an avid reader who finished hundreds of books last year or a brand-new bookworm who simply wants to read more — this 2024 reading challenge is for you! The 52 Book Club’s annual challenge is an entirely customizable reading challenge designed to help you try new authors and genres, meet fellow bookworms, and crush your reading goals!

What is the challenge?

The 52 Book Club’s annual reading challenge is made up of 52 unique prompts. The goal is to match one book to each prompt, for a total of fifty-two books over the course of the year. Prompts are related to everything from specific titles, to cover designs, authors, genres, settings, themes, characters, etc. (Think of it like a giant bookish scavenger hunt!) We encourage participants to try books outside of their regular reading comfort zones and push themselves to read more, read differently, and get creative with it!

How does it work?

  1. Follow The 52 Book Club on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Goodreads or Storygraph, and Instagram.
  1. Using the list below, match one book to each of the 52 prompts. (52 books total.) Get as creative as you like with interpreting the prompts!
  1. When January 1, 2024 rolls around, start reading!
  1. Once you’ve finished one of the prompts, check it off the list and share your read! The Facebook group is our most popular spot for posting your recent 52 Book Club reads. When sharing on other social media sites like Instagram or X (formerly Twitter), don’t forget to use the hashtag #the52bookclub2024 and #the52bookclub. This helps us find everyone!
  1. How often you share is up to you! You can share after every read, share all of your reads at the end of the month, or even just at the end of the year! Some participants chose to track their reads privately and simply follow along in the groups to find amazing recommendations. How you decide to participate is up to you. We’re just glad you’re here!

Want to learn more? This 52 Book Club 2024 challenge video walks you through all the details of our 2024 challenge, including what it is, how to participate, and some tips and tricks for making this year your best challenge year yet!

Other helpful reminders:

  • You can complete the list in any order. You can also interpret the prompts as creatively as you like, using any format of reading, and any author or genre that you feel fits the prompt. Want to make your challenge more difficult? Check out these suggestions for increasing your 2024 challenge difficulty.
  • Don’t think you can read 52 books in a year? That’s okay! Join anyway and complete as many as you can. This is a self-led, pressure-free challenge! It’s not a competition. Read at your own pace and have fun!
  • Don’t know what a prompt means? Check out our 2024 challenge guide for further explanation or helpful suggestions!
  • Remember that the challenge doesn’t officially begin until January 1, 2024! (We release it early so you have time to plan and invite friends!) Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.

Ready to see what we’re reading in 2024? Here’s our new challenge:

Sharing the challenge? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #the52bookclub or #the52bookclub2024

Invite your friends and family members to join in. It’s okay if you can’t read 52 books in a year. All are welcome!

2024 Challenge Downloads

Want to download a copy of the challenge for yourself? Check out these free printables! In addition to a PDF and JPEG version of the challenge, we also have a 2024 printable logbook (a simple way to track your 2024 challenge reads), a 2024 post template (perfect for sharing on social media), a Word document copy of the prompts, and a template for sharing all 52 book covers. You can grab them all here:

Note: To edit the shareable JPEG graphics, download a copy and then edit using a photo editing app of your choice. (We like to use Canva.)

This year, for the very first time, we’re releasing a custom journal accompaniment for our 2024 reading challenge! This journal contains specific review pages for all fifty-two of our 2024 prompts, as well as bonus challenges, tools for tracking monthly reading statistics, and other fun pages!

This journal is printed by Amazon KDP and is available wherever Amazon ships. (Note: Due to Amazon printing in Australia and Japan, journals ordered from those regions will have black-and-white interior pages. Those ordering from Amazon Australia can find the link to purchase HERE. Since it was recently released, it may take a few more days to show “in stock” and be searchable on Amazon in these regions.)

Note: Because this journal is printed through Amazon, pages may be thinner than other planners. We recommend using non-bleed pens when using the journal. This journal is also fully compatible with our 2024 prompt stickers from PlanItWithStickers.com.

For sample photos of the journal and for more information about what’s included, click here!

If the button does not direct you to the Amazon region closest to you, here are the links to the individual Amazon regions: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, Amazon ES, Amazon IT, Amazon NL, Amazon PL, Amazon SE, Amazon AU, Amazon JP.

Other Resources for 2024:

Need some help with your 2024 challenge? We’ve created a few resources to help you get started!

Not sure what one of the prompts means? Our 2024 Reading Challenge Guide is the perfect place to start. This guide walks through EACH of the 52 prompts and contains creative interpretations, ideas to get you started, and links to our Goodreads lists. The challenge guide is a helpful launching point for your challenge and will show you a variety of ways to interpret the prompts but it’s not an exhaustive list. Feel free to think outside the box and find what works for you!

Want a quicker way to access the Goodreads lists? We’ve also compiled a master list of all 52 Goodreads lists for this challenge. Click the buttons below to access both of these amazing resources!

Our 52 Book Club 2024 prompt stickers are available now from our official sticker partner, PlanItWithStickers! These stickers are an optional add-on for those who enjoy tracking their reads with physical journals or planners. (They’ll also fit neatly within your 52 Book Club 2024 Journal!) This sticker collection has been custom-designed to match the vibe of our 2024 challenge and contains stickers for all fifty-two prompts. You can purchase a sticker set here!

Connect with us:

Want to make some bookish friends? Have more questions? Our social sites are an excellent place to ask for book suggestions, get challenge help, and meet new bookish friends! We invite you to join our Facebook group, Goodreads group, The 52 Book Club 2024 challenge on Storygraph, YouTube, and/or follow us on Instagram! You can find quick links to each of these groups below. Reading is always more fun together! Come join us!

Ready for this brand-new challenge? Let us know which prompts you’re most looking forward to, and which ones seem most difficult! Keep in mind that some prompts will be more challenging than others. And that’s okay! It’s all part of the challenge — but it should still always be fun! Research, ask for suggestions, and get creative! Your challenge, your rules!

(Don’t forget to read through our guidelines or FAQs for more tips on completing your 2024 challenge!)

Happy reading!