The 52 Book Club 2024 Challenge Journal

2024 Challenge Journal

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Want an easy and fun way to track your 52 Book Club 2024 challenge reads? Earlier this year we announced a brand new project we’d been working on (you can watch the reveal video here!) and we’re excited to announce that… The 52 Book Club 2024 challenge journal is available now!

The 2024 journal is an optional add-on to accompany your 52 Book Club 2024 challenge. It contains specific review pages for each of the fifty-two prompts on our 2024 challenge, as well as additional pages for bonus challenges, mini-challenges, readalongs, and pages to track your reading stats over the year.

This journal is perfect for those who love to have a physical notebook to track and look back on their annual reads. It’s also a great memento of your year and a helpful way to stay motivated and on track with your challenge. The journal is printed and shipped by Amazon, and is available anywhere Amazon delivers. (You can find purchase links below!)

Here’s a little look inside:

Optional Add-on (Stickers!):

The journal is also fully compatible with our 2024 prompt stickers, available from our official sticker partner, PlanItWithStickers. These stickers have been custom-designed to match the aesthetic of our 2024 challenge and will make a beautiful, optional addition to include in your journal. You can purchase the 2024 stickers here.

Journal Content:

The journal also contains pages for all our *bonus* challenges like our mini-challenges, “Read-It, Watch-It challenge,” (Yes, you’re getting the first sneak peek at that challenge! To be officially released in December!) readalongs, and more!

Here’s what you can expect in your 2024 challenge journal:

  • The 2024 challenge graphic
  • Planning pages
  • 52 review pages customized for each prompt
  • Fillable mini-challenge pages
  • Read It, Watch It Bonus Challenge
  • Bingo challenge
  • Daily Reading Log
  • “My Month in Review” pages
  • Bonus Readalong pages
  • Bonus Genre Challenge
  • Book of the Year
  • My year in review

Note: Because this book is created by Amazon, the pages may be thinner than other planners. We recommend using non-bleed pens when writing in your journal.

If you’re curious about exactly what’s inside, or have more questions about how to use specific sections, you can also check out this 2024 Journal walkthrough video that we’ve created just for you:

Available Now!

The 52 Book Club 2024 journal is available now, wherever Amazon ships! The journal is available for 16.99 USD (pricing will vary by region depending on the exchange rate.) Due to Amazon printing, journals purchased from Amazon Australia or Amazon Japan will have a black-and-white interior. Journals purchased from all other regions will have a color interior.

If the button does not direct you to the Amazon region closest to you, here are the links to the individual Amazon regions: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, Amazon ES, Amazon IT, Amazon NL, Amazon PL, Amazon SE, Amazon AU, Amazon JP.

AUSTRALIA: and JAPAN: Due to the different interior printing, the above button won’t work for Amazon Australia or Japan, but our friends using Amazon Australia can purchase here, and our friends in Japan can purchase here.

We hope you all love this journal as much as we do! Thank you so much for supporting The 52 Book Club!

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  1. Could you add Singapore as one of the Amazon regions please? I need to pay 14EUR (double the price of the original book) for transportation / delivery ๐Ÿ™

    1. Unfortunately, some Amazon regions don’t have the local printing press capabilities and that’s probably why it’s showing not available in your region. I know that sadly, it is more expensive to ship to some locations than others. Some of our members have had friends in other countries purchase it and ship it personally — not sure if that’s an option, or is cheaper for you, perhaps?

  2. For those of us who use either disc-bound or other planner systems, would it be possible to purchase a copy to be downloaded and printed, that way we could choose a heavier weight paper? If not this year, this may be a nice option in the future. Thanks!

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