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Just Another Missing Person

Book Review Just Another Missing Person by Gillian McAllisterThriller | Mystery Olivia has been missing for one day and counting. She disappeared down a dead-end alley, never to be seen again… For fans of the bestselling author of Wrong Place, Wrong Time comes another thrilling and suspenseful read from Gillian McAllister — Just Another Missing Person. Reader’s Thoughts: Just Another …

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The Housekeepers

Book Review The Housekeepers by Alex HayMystery | Historical Fiction The night of London’s grandest ball, a bold group of women downstairs launch a daring revenge heist against Mayfair society in this dazzling historical novel about power, gender, and class. Reader’s Thoughts: The blurb for this novel gave me all the Downtown Abbey meets Ocean’s Eleven vibes and I couldn’t …

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Cassandra in Reverse

Book Review Cassandra in Reverse by Holly SmaleFiction | Time Travel | Romance Reader’s Thoughts: I have been all about time travel books lately and the premise and adorable cover for this new release, Cassandra in Reverse by Holly Smale, absolutely captured my imagination. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a rough start with this book. While I usually love …

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The Paris Deception

Book Review The Paris Deception by Bryn TurnbullHistorical Fiction | Art Reader’s Thoughts: The moment I first saw this cover, it immediately called to me. Add in a description about women rescuing looted art that was slated for destruction by the Nazis, and I couldn’t resist applying for an early copy from Netgalley! I love stories about the French resistance …

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The Revenge List

Book Review The Revenge List by Hannah Mary McKinnonThriller | Mystery Thriller While in anger management, Frankie makes a list of individuals who have wronged her over the years. But when each of those individuals encounters “accidents” — increasing in severity — Frankie begins questioning whether something else is going on. Reader’s Thoughts: The Revenge List has an addictive story …

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The Librarian of Burned Books

Book Review The Librarian of Burned Books by Briana LabuskesHistorical Fiction | LGBTQ For fans of The Rose Code and The Paris Library, The Librarian of Burned Books is a captivating WWII-era novel about the intertwined fates of three women who believe in the power of books to triumph over the very darkest moments of war. Reader’s Thoughts: The Librarian of Burned Books is told …

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Seven Percent of Ro Devereux

Book Review Seven Percent of Ro Devereux by Ellen O’CloverYA | Contemporary | Romance Reader’s Thoughts: Inspired by the childhood game of MASH, Ro Devereux creates a future-predicting app for her senior year project. The app tells users their future: where they’ll live, their career, how many kids they’ll have, and even their perfect dating match. But things first start …

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Are You Sara?

Book Review Are You Sara? by S.C. Lalli Two women named Sara each get into a rideshare. . . but only one makes it home alive. Which Sara was the real target? Reader’s Thoughts: The premise of this story started out really strong. I was immediately captivated by the hook — two girls named Sarah, who accidentally get into the …

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The It Girl

Book Review The It Girl by Ruth Ware A dark academia tale involving a decade old murder of a roommate. But as Hannah searches for answers to put her own troubled conscious at rest, can she trust those closest to her?

The German Wife

Book Review The German Wife by Kelly Rimmer The New York Times bestselling author of The Warsaw Orphan returns with a gripping novel inspired by the true story of Operation Paperclip: a controversial secret US intelligence program that employed former Nazis after WWII. (From the publisher.) Reader’s Thoughts: The German Wife may be my new favorite historical fiction read from 2022. With its breathtaking characters and research, …

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