The Queen Giveaway

Book Giveaway The Queen by Andrew MortonGenre: Biography | Non-Fiction When it comes to royal biographers, Andrew Morton is the name that first springs to mind. In his new book, The Queen: Her Life, Morton gives a comprehensive and definitive account of Queen Elizabeth II’s legendary reign. Whether you’re a long time royal enthusiast, or …

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Books About Queen Elizabeth II

Books about Queen Elizabeth II This post contains affiliate links; as an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. “I have in sincerity pledged myself to your service, as so many of you are pledged to mine. Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust.” …

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The Tsarina’s Daughter

Book Review The Tsarina’s Daughter by Ellen Alpsten If there’s one thing The Tsarina’s Daughter emphasizes, it’s that it’s not easy being in line for a throne!

The Last Grand Duchess

Book Review The Last Grand Duchess by Bryn Turnbull The Romanov family has long held fascination for many of us. The last Tsar and his family, disappearing in the middle of the night. Stories of bullets bouncing off clothes lined with jewels, and countless imposters claiming to be one of the daughters. And while we …

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Antoinette’s Sister

Book Review Antoinette’s Sister by Diana Giovinazzo We’ve all heard of Marie Antoinette. But have you heard of her sister, Charlotte? This new historical fiction from Diana Giovinazzo, explores the life of Maria Carolina of Austria. Charlotte is sister to Antoinette and Queen in her own right. This fictionalized retelling of her life and reign …

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