The 2022 Reading Challenge: Goodreads Lists

The 52 Book Club's 2022 Goodreads Lists

The 2022 Challenge: Goodreads Lists

Did you know that The 52 Book Club has a dedicated Goodreads group? This is a great spot to share your reads and recommendations, and to find books too! We also have a Goodreads List for EACH of the 2022 prompts. (Huge thanks to our admin, Lindsey for that!) To help you easily find the links for each prompt, we’ve compiled a list below!

Have a question about a specific prompt? Don’t forget to check out our 2022 Reading Challenge Guide too!

How do the Goodreads lists work?

  • Each of our 52 prompts has a designated Goodreads list. This is a great resource if you’re looking for ideas for a specific prompt!
  • Anyone can add to these lists! Share your best suggestions for each prompt — as many as you’d like!

Links to Goodreads Lists:

  1. A second-person narrative
  1. Featuring a library or bookstore
  1. Title Starting with the letter “E”
  1. Title Starting with the letter “F”
  1. Chapters have titles
  1. Household object on the cover
  1. A non-fiction bestseller
  1. Involving the art world
  1. A book that sparks joy
  1. A book based on a real person
  1. A book with less than 2,022 Goodreads ratings
  1. Set on at least two continents
  1. Includes a club
  1. A character with superhuman ability
  1. A five-syllable title
  1. A book you’ve seen someone reading in a public place
  1. A book picked based on its spine
  1. Jane Austen-inspired
  1. A book that has an alternate title
  1. Related to the word “gold”
  1. Published by Simon & Schuster
  1. An unlikely detective
  1. Author with an X, Y, or Z in their name
  1. Addresses a specific topic
  1. A wealthy character
  1. Has an “Author’s Note”
  1. Includes a map
  1. Award-winning book from your country
  1. Over 500 pages long
  1. Audiobook is narrated by the author
  1. Technology-themed
  1. A book that intimidates you
  1. A bilingual character
  1. An author’s photo on the back cover
  1. From the villain’s perspective
  1. Recommended by a favorite author
  1. Set in a rural area
  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover!
  1. A middle-grade novel
  1. A book with photographs inside
  1. Involves a second chance
  1. An indie read
  1. Author who’s published in more than one genre
  1. An anthology
  1. A book with illustrated people on cover
  1. A job title in the title
  1. Read during the month of November **No Goodreads List**
  1. Re-do one of this year’s prompts but with a different genre **No Goodreads List**
  1. Book title starts with the same letter as your first name **No Goodreads List**
  1. A person of color as the main character
  1. The word “game” in the title
  1. Published in 2022

Mini-Challenge Prompts:

February 2022:
1. A title with the same word twice
2. Mirror, mirror on the wall
3. The second book in a series

March 2022:
1. A character who works in maths or sciences
2. A circle on the cover
3. Pi or Pie?

April 2022:
1. A foolish character
2. A comical read
3. Rain on the cover

June 2022:
1. Suitcase on the cover
2. Set in a place you wish you were vacationing
3. “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”

October 2022:
1. Local Legends
2. A psychological thriller
3. Related to the word “dark”

November 2022:
1. Dessert on the cover
2. Let’s Party!
3. Related to the word “gift”

December 2022:
1. Three C’s on the Cover
2. Set or written 300 years ago
3. 300 pages long

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