Courageously Expecting

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Courageously Expecting by Jenny Albers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve been following along with popular blogger, Jenny Albers, for several years now. She writes about grief and the messy, broken reality of pregnancy loss. But through the obvious pain, her words shine with faith and an abundance of hope.

This unwavering honesty about loss and her courage to walk forward in faith immediately drew me to her story. I was beyond thrilled when she told me she was not only writing a book but going to be published! It was an honor to be asked to endorse her book. And it is an honor to share her book with you all today.

Reader’s Thoughts:

Courageously Expecting is like a comforting embrace from a friend who understands.

Any mother who finds herself staring once again at those double pink lines after a miscarriage or stillbirth, will know the aches and fears that come with another pregnancy. Using her own story and cementing it in Scripture and faith, Albers invites readers to step into this new season of life with expectant hearts and open hands.

Each day, readers will encounter Bible verses and faith-based truths about what pregnancy after loss really looks like. This book doesn’t shy away from the difficult or the uncomfortable. Instead, it is raw and honest and overflowing with encouragement for those whose wombs hold life but whose hearts will always hold missing babes.

Pregnancy after loss is confusing and complicated. But we don’t have to walk this road alone. With thirty days of stories, reflections, and letters, this book helps newly expectant (or those considering it) to step forward courageously in this new season.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Recommended for:

Mothers who are currently pregnant (or trying to conceive) after a pregnancy loss, and who are looking for a strong, Christian faith based book.

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About Courageously Expecting:

(From the publisher) Using Scripture and personal narrative, Courageously Expecting empathizes with and empowers women to face a pregnancy after loss with faith and courage, despite inevitable feelings of grief and fear that accompany life after losing a baby.

Pregnancy is widely regarded as the most joyful time in a woman’s life, but for the mother who has experienced pregnancy loss, a subsequent pregnancy can feel like she’s holding her breath and hoping for what she can’t control. In Courageously Expecting, Jenny Albers meets women in this difficult season as someone who has also experienced the worst and cautiously hoped for the best. Through the telling of her own story, Scripture, and heartfelt prayer, she encourages readers to cling to faith in the face of fear and guides them to

  • cultivate hope when doubt weighs heavy;
  • realize that the past does not dictate the present or the future and that God creates a way in the wilderness of grief and loss;
  • flip the script on the what-if, worst-case-scenario narrative in their minds and learn to take their thoughts captive; and
  • find the courage to humble themselves and ask for and accept help from others.

Regardless of where readers are on their pregnancy after loss journey, Courageously Expecting is a companion to help them through the days when fear overshadows hope.

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