March Mini-Challenge 2021

March Mini-Challenge

That’s right, it’s time for a March mini-challenge! And given that it’s March 17th, what better than a St. Patrick’s Day theme?

Since we’re mid-month, this challenge will consist of TWO bonus reads for our 52 Book Club members. You can read these in addition to your regular 52 reads OR you can combine them with books you’re already planning to read for our 2021 challenge.

March Mini-Challenge -- the 52 Book Club

The March Mini-Challenge:

  • one book set in Ireland
  • one book related to the word “lucky”

(My fellow admin and I here at the 52 Book Club literally flipped a coin for that second prompt — so it truly is a lucky one!)

Remember that you can get as creative as you like with these prompts! For example: “A book related to the word lucky” could feature a lucky character, it might be set in Las Vegas, or it could even a book you won in a giveaway! (Sounds lucky to me!)

Don’t forget to share your mini-challenge reads on Instagram (#the52bookclub2021) or in our Facebook group! And if you’re still feeling stumped on book ideas, join our group on Goodreads too — we have a list for each of our 2021 prompts. We can’t wait to see what you’re reading this month!

Happy reading, everyone!

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