April 2024 Readalong: The Phoenix Crown

April 2024 Readalong

The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn & Janie Chang

Ready for our second readalong of 2024? We’re thrilled to announce that the book choice for our April 2024 readalong is… The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn and Janie Chang! We also have some equally exciting news including a giveaway and details about a live chat with the authors, so keep reading for all the good stuff!

The Phoenix Crown is a historical fiction novel featuring a cast of strong, female characters amidst the backdrop of San Francisco in the early 1900s, in the days leading up to and after the great earthquake of 1906. This collaboration between two incredibly popular historical fiction authors gives us a beautifully written story about friendship, survival, and what it means to rise from the ashes.

How does this buddy read work?

A readalong means that we read the same book together at the same time. Our April readalong will take place from Friday, April 12, 2024 until Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Each day of the readalong we will read a set of assigned pages and then discuss what we’ve read on the Discord server. (You can join the Discord server here.)

To join in and read with us, be sure to SIGN UP for this readalong. (Note: The readalong sign-up is now closed! Thanks to everyone who joined in! Sign up for e-mails to be notified of any new, upcoming readalongs!)

The Phoenix Crown will fit the following 2024 prompts: #19 A buddy read, #25 An author “everyone” has read except you, #29 Published in a Year of the Dragon, #52 Published in 2024

Reading Schedule:

The schedule is a fun way to read and discuss with others, but feel free to read at your own pace if needed. Given that this will be a very popular read, we also understand that those using library copies may not receive the book in time for the readalong. If this is the case, you’re welcome to join in and comment on the Discord server whenever your copy arrives.

DAY ONE: Friday, April 12 — Prologue – Chapter 4
DAY TWO: Saturday, April 13 — Chapter 5 – Chapter 8
DAY THREE: Sunday, April 14 — Chapter 9 – Chapter 14
DAY FOUR: Monday, April 15 — Chapter 15 – Chapter 21
DAY FIVE: Tuesday, April 16 — Chapter 22 – 28
DAY SIX: Wednesday, April 17 — Chapter 29 – Epilogue

Live Author’s Chat:

To wrap up our April readalong, we will be chatting with Kate Quinn and Janie Chang live on The 52 Book Club YouTube channel on Tuesday, May 7 at 5pm PT. To join us, be sure to sign up for the readalong. We don’t want you to miss this exciting event, so we’ll send you an e-mail reminder closer to the date.

Since The 52 Book Club is a global group, we know that not all of our readers will be able to attend the chat live. Not to worry! We will record the chat and have it available to watch afterward.

Also, be sure to check out the channel on the Discord server marked “Questions for the Authors” and submit any questions you may have for Kate or Janie. We’ll be drawing from these for our live chat!

Book Blurb:

From bestselling authors Janie Chang and Kate Quinn, a thrilling and unforgettable narrative about the intertwined lives of two wronged women, spanning from the chaos of the San Francisco earthquake to the glittering palaces of Versailles.

San Francisco, 1906. In a city bustling with newly minted millionaires and scheming upstarts, two very different women hope to change their fortunes: Gemma, a golden-haired, silver-voiced soprano whose career desperately needs rekindling, and Suling, a petite and resolute Chinatown embroideress who is determined to escape an arranged marriage. Their paths cross when they are drawn into the orbit of Henry Thornton, a charming railroad magnate whose extraordinary collection of Chinese antiques includes the fabled Phoenix Crown, a legendary relic of Beijing’s fallen Summer Palace.

His patronage offers Gemma and Suling the chance of a lifetime, but their lives are thrown into turmoil when a devastating earthquake rips San Francisco apart and Thornton disappears, leaving behind a mystery reaching further than anyone could have imagined . . . until the Phoenix Crown reappears five years later at a sumptuous Paris costume ball, drawing Gemma and Suling together in one last desperate quest for justice.


As our final, super exciting news of the day — we are so grateful for the chance to partner with HarperCollins US on a giveaway! HarperCollins has graciously offered to give away THREE copies of THE PHOENIX CROWN — one copy each to THREE US-based winners.

And, since we are such an international group, we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to get in on this giveaway, so The 52 Book Club will also be personally giving away a fourth copy of the book to one reader outside of the US!

  • 3 COPIES available to be won by US residents!
  • 1 COPY available for an international winner (outside of the USA)

Giveaway rules: This giveaway will run from Thursday, February 8, 2024 until Monday, February 19, 2024. Three US-based winners will each receive one copy of The Phoenix Crown, courtesy of HarperCollins. One international winner (outside of the US) will receive a copy of The Phoenix Crown, courtesy of The 52 Book Club. Winners will be contacted by The 52 Book Club only.

Best of luck, bookworms!

102 thoughts on “April 2024 Readalong: The Phoenix Crown”

  1. Looking forward to the April Readalong. I had really enjoyed the Alice Network by Kate Quinn which I had read before. Mitra

    1. I only discovered the 52 book club in January, so this will be my first read along – excited to discuss a book with other book enthusiasts!

  2. I’m so excited for this Readalong! I loved The Violin Conspiracy especially because it isn’t a genre I usually pick up. The 2024 challenge has already helped grow my range of genres and I’m excited for a historical fiction novel!

    1. Samantha Troelsch

      Excited to join in! I read the Violin Conspiracy, but didn’t participate in any conversation. So I’m excited to talk!

  3. I’ve never read a book by either author, but the Alice Network is in my toppling TBR pile! I’ve never done a readalong either, so this could be a great first for me. 🙂

  4. I’ve not participated in a read a long before, this is my first year doing the challenge and The Violin Conspiracy didn’t grab my attention. This one sounds interesting though

  5. Siddharth Purohit

    I have read Rose code by Kate Quinn. The character development for the female characters was so well done. Waiting for this one.

  6. Char Mulligan Micek

    I love Kate Quinn and am first in line to get the book from my library. I collect all of Kate Quinn’s books and would love to get a copy.

  7. This book sounds really good! I love mysteries!! Also, excited that it’s going to be another Buddy Read!! I love my buddy group from the last one!

  8. I enjoyed the first readalong but I am even more excited for this one! I really enjoyed Janie Chang’s The Library of Legends.

  9. Very excited for this readalong, unfortunately I was late the the January one. I’m actually currently reading The Rose Code By Kate Quinn, so I’m excited to read another book of hers. It will be my first time reading anything by Janie Chang.

  10. The premise of this book sounds so fantastic! I can’t wait to start reading it. I want start reading it now! April is going to be a good read along month!

  11. I couldn’t get a copy of the Violin Conspiracy in time for the January read along (I just checked it out Monday), but I am hoping to join in on this one. It looks great!

  12. Excited to partake in my first read along! I’ve heard good things about Kate Quinn but haven’t read anything by her yet!

  13. I missed the first read-a-long because I couldn’t get a copy in time. I participated in the second read-a-long and I enjoyed it. I only read everyone’s comments in January’s read-a-long because I had already read the book and I don’t reread books. I had no idea what was in each chapter and didn’t want to give spoilers. I am looking forward to this coming read-a-long in April.

  14. Hmmm, can’t seem to get an entry for my comment on the You Tube video. Anyway, I probably win’s join the read along but I’m excited for the giveaway so I can read the book at a more convenient time.

  15. This is exciting! I also shared it on my Facebook page and sent it to our library to encourage others to. consider joining! Thank you for this “next great thing” in the 52 Book Club!

  16. Excited for my first read along! Kate Quinn is a must read author for me. Jane Chang is new to me so I’m going to go take a look at her backlist. I love historical fiction.

  17. Caitlin Truesdale

    SUCH an exciting book to read for my first readalong!! I’m always so bad at keeping up with books coming out in the year I’m reading so this is the perfect chance for me to get started and stick to my goals.

  18. This was already on my TBR for this year with my Bookworm Society group at work and the fact that it’s another readalong with the 52 Book Club AND includes a live chat with an amazing author like Kate Quinn is kismet! I can’t wait for my third readalong with this amazing group of bookworms!

  19. I really enjoy Kate Quinn so I’m looking forward to this book. And I’m looking forward to discussing this book with my readalong group from January.

  20. Thoroughly enjoyed the January read a long so I’m very excited for this one, too. Not my typical genre love but think it will be a great read.

  21. I participated in the January Read Along and it was great. Really looking forward to the April Read Along for sure!!

  22. Sounds a quite interesting choice for a readalong! It will be my first one with the 52book club. It has a special meaning for me, the starting date is also my birthday!

  23. This will be my first read along with the 52 book club. I checked and the book wasn’t available on Libby yet. Hopefully I will be able to get a copy and read with the group.

  24. Jennifer Carvill

    I enjoyed the January readalong so looking forward to this one! Thank you for including readers outside the US.

  25. I’m very excited! I’ve loved the other readings we’ve done in this group. I’m not the biggest fan of Historical Fiction but i think I’ll really enjoy it more through this medium!

  26. I participated in the Violin Conspiracy read-along in January. I’m looking forward to another one, especially since this book is co-authored by one of my favourite authors, Kate Quinn.

  27. I participated in the January read-along – The Violin Conspiracy and enjoyed comparing notes and sharing insights with other readers. I’m looking forward to this read-along, particularly since The Phoenix Conspiracy is co-authored by one of my favourite authors, Kate Quinn.

  28. I have a 14 week wait on the book using my Libby app. Hoping that it moves along a little quicker to make the reading challenge on time.

  29. I enjoy the readalongs a lot, even if the books are not my usual genre, it’s a great way to explore new authors! I haven’t read anything by these authors, but the story looks really interesting.

  30. I did (and completed) the main challenge last year but this year I’m going for all of the readalongs, minis, and Read it Watch it! as well!!

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