Sweet Reads August 2022 Box Review

Sweet Reads Box Review

August 2022 Book Box Review from Sweet Reads

For the past few months, I have had the privilege of bring a spring and summer rep for Sweet Reads Box. (Which essentially means that they send me a monthly box to try out and share with all of you, and I get to give you a 10% discount code if you want to try one for yourself!) I only promote things I actually use and love, and the Sweet Reads Box definitely fits those requirements.

Today, I am reviewing and revealing for you their latest arrival — The August 2022 Sweet Reads Box!

This box is all about the lemons. It is absolutely packed with bright and beautiful yellows, and all the citrusy-goodness. The only thing that could have made this box better would have been a full on lemon meringue pie because after all this talk about lemon drop pie, that is what I’m craving now! But since pies don’t tend to end well in the mail… I am more than happy to make do with the gorgeous items that can be safely shipped!

Ready to see the goodies in this month’s box?

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The August 2022 Box Review

This month’s box is themed around the book, The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie by Rachel Linden. While this book wasn’t on my radar yet, I was instantly captivated by the gorgeous cover and intriguing premise. I don’t often read magical realism but this book has me ready to take the plunge!

About the Book: Fall in love with lemon pie-maker Lolly Blanchard as she seeks to rewrite the trajectory of her life on her 33rd birthday. With a little help from a quirky great-aunt and three lemon drops, she embarks on a magical trip to the land of what might have been.”

Lemon Mug:

Can you ever have too many cute mugs? This lemon mug from Abbott is definitely inviting me to settle down with a cozy drink and my new book. When I first grabbed my package from the front step, I heard rattling and was a little nervous that something has broken. However, the mug was bubble-wrapped and in perfect condition. I tested it out with my ice-tea and it has a great size and feel.

Classic Lemon Iced Tea:

This tea from Lemon Lily is an all natural, organic lemon ice tea. It’s made from lemon peel and pieces, black tea, and lemongrass. If I drink tea, it’s always iced — so this bag was wonderful to find in my Sweet Reads Box. Lemon is always a fresh and bright flavor, and this tea definitely hit those citrus notes. I sliced up some extra lemon and added it to my iced tea for a refreshing afternoon drink.

Lemon Drops:

These lemon drops from Hammonds are so on theme with the book, I absolutely love it. The hard candies are sweet and tart (without being overly sour in that burn-your-tongue sort of way that some citrus candies are). Snacks are always my favorite item in the Sweet Reads Box, and this was no exception!

Lemon Pie Recipe:

So, this is the one thing in the box that I’m a little confused by. Every box comes with a little card listing all the items inside and a description of said item. On this month’s card, it says, “Lemon Pie Recipe — Custom designed for Sweet Readers.” However, I’m not seeing a Lemon Pie recipe…

What I do see is an absolutely beautifully designed and printed recipe for “Wanda Sunshine’s Buttery Toffee.” (The author’s note includes a really delightful backstory about this recipe, and I love that personal touch!) I’m assuming the Lemon Pie Recipe noted on the card was just a printing error or maybe a last minute change in plans. Either way, I don’t have a lemon pie recipe but I am perfectly content with the toffee recipe I do have! So in the end, this little error wasn’t a big deal for me. Although it does leave me craving lemon pie… so I might have to track some down now!

Lemon Lip Balm:

The first thing both my kids did when they saw this lemon lip balm was squeal, “THAT IS SO CUTE!” And it is. I am forever losing lip balms and so I love the fact that this is not only vibrant and easy to see at the bottom of my giant purse, but it’s also ridiculously adorable. The lemon pops open in the middle, and the lip chap inside gives off a very faint lemon scent without being at all overpowering.

All I Need is a Bright Afternoon:

Last but not least, this box contains a beautiful and bright, lemony journal from Compendium. This is a thin notebook with lined paper, and a quote on the front, “All I need is a bright afternoon to dream things into being.” (Which feels 100% on target with this month’s book!)

Overall, this month’s box was bright and colorful and full of flavor! If I was too make one recommendation for future Sweet Read Boxes, I would love to see signed bookplates from the author included as I think a signed book adds a lot of extra value. But, as usual, this box was another success for me!

Want to grab a Sweet Reads Box for yourself? This is the perfect splurge for booklovers (or a great gift for those bookworms in your life!) Head over to Sweet Reads Box to check it out. And as a special gift to my 52 Book Club members, don’t forget to use the code 52BOOK at when checking out at sweetreads.com for 10% off your next book box order!

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