Sweet Reads July 2022 Box Review

Sweet Reads Box Review

July 2022 Book Box Review from Sweet Reads

As a Summer rep for Sweet Reads Box, receiving these amazing book boxes is always one of my favorite moments on the month. And I have to say, this July box may just be my favorite one yet!

The thing I really enjoy about the Sweet Reads Box (besides the surprise, of course!) is the fact that the items are always really useful. Most of the companies Sweet Reads sources from are Canadian companies. (Which is a huge selling factor for this Canadian girl! Support local!) But I also appreciate that the items feel high quality, and that there’s been such a detailed level of care gone into the theming and packaging each box. While the price tag can feel daunting, it’s these things that really set the Sweet Reads Box apart for me. It’s a great box to give as a gift to a fellow bookworm or family member, or just as a splurge to treat yourself!

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The July 2022 Box Review

This month’s box is themed around the book, Sugar Thief by Nancy Mauro. While this wasn’t a book I’d heard of before, I was immediately captivated by Sweet Reads blurb for the story.

About the Book: “Combine a social media darling with millions of followers with a hometown visit to her family’s bakery and you have a funny, witty, and emotional story. Sabine is a unique character brought home for a family funeral but that is just the tip of the pastry bag. Her family has dark secrets and there is a mystery surrounding the bakery’s old world pastry recipe. A story of chaos, critique and a social commentary we think you will thoroughly enjoy this sweet yet salty novel.”

Sweet Reads also recently shared an Instagram live with the author, Nancy Mauro, which you can check out here.

So, what items did they decide to pair with this month’s book? Let’s take a look!

The Persian Recipe:

If you’ve ever been to Thunder Bay, you may have been lucky enough to try a local delicacy with deep roots to the Northern town — The Persian Roll. According to The Food Network, this pastry was first created in the 1940s by the original founder of Bennett’s Bakery. And the author, Nancy Mauro, doesn’t just have a casual acquaintance with this tasty dessert. Her family took over Arthur Bennett’s bakery, and she was inspired by that history! Today, we have the chance to make a Persian Roll for ourselves with this Sweet Reads recipe.


This custom bookmark is the perfect accompaniment for your reading time. I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough bookmarks!

Bertie Bird Sugar Saver:

This is the thing that I didn’t even know I needed in my life, but I absolutely do. This terracotta bird will keep brown sugar soft for 3-6 months. As someone who bakes infrequently, and whose brown sugar is constantly getting hard and crusty, I was excited to give this a try. This little bird is from Danica Studio is currently sitting in my brown sugar, and is one of the items I am especially loving about the box.

Donut Shot Glass:

Another item from Danica, this Donut Shot Glass is an adorable nod to the Canadian aspect of the box. We’ve been “needing” a shot glass in our house, so this one came at the perfect time.

Cupcakes Tea Towel:

Our third item from Danica this month, is the Cupcakes Tea Towel. The pattern is super sweet, and again, another really useful item to have around the house. Light and machine washable, you can never have too many tea towels!

“Donut Forget” Notepad:

What’s a notepad without a good pun? Custom made for Sweet Reads, this notepad is perfect for grocery lists, messages, etc. Cute and simple, this is another helpful item to have.

Donut Bath Bomb:

When I first opened the box, I could immediately smell something sweet coming from within. I am a huge fan of baths and bath bombs just make for an extra special treat! Each box came with a donut bath bomb in assorted styles — mine has a Key Lime Pie scent, which is heavenly. These donuts came from Garb2Art, a women-owned and earth friendly brand. I haven’t tested mine yet but you can bet I am looking forward to a good book, a hot bath, and a donut bomb in the near future!

Strawberry Frose Mix:

From Gourmet Du Village, we have a Strawberry Frose Mix, inspired by the strawberry icing in the Persian Pastry. This sweet summertime drink works well as a wine slushy or with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. Slushies are one of my favorite (year-round) drinks, and I was really excited to see it in this month’s box.

To make this drink, simply blend ice, the Frose Mix, and wine or non-alcoholic substitute. I used a peach Bubly Sparkling water to make a non–alocholic version. The drink turned out pink, sweet, and wonderfully slushie. While it was a little sweet for me, the kids loved it. If I made it again, I’d probably add more ice to water it down for my personal taste preferences.

The Persian Jam:

This custom made jam from Walton Wood Farm works as both a traditional jam, or as a part of the Persian recipe included in this month’s box. While I’m usually not a jam person, I really enjoyed the Bumbleberry flavor. I have yet to try it with the persian rolls recipe but it was delicious on toast for breakfast!

Want to grab a Sweet Reads Box for yourself? This is the perfect splurge for booklovers (or a great gift for those bookworms in your life!) Head over to Sweet Reads Box to check it out. And as a special gift to my 52 Book Club members, don’t forget to use the code 52BOOK at when checking out at sweetreads.com for 10% off your next book box order!

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