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The Teachers: A Year Inside America’s Most Vulnerable Important Profession by Alexandra Robbins
*Open to US residents only*

Are you ready for a GIANT giveaway? We’ve teamed up with Dutton Books (Penguin Random House) to give away twenty copies of Alexandra Robbin’s newest book, The Teachers! Ten winners will each receive two copies of this new non-fiction read — one for themselves, and one to share with a friend or teacher!

Robbins says, “I followed three teachers for a year for a fiction-like story you can curl up with, and interviewed hundreds of others to share what’s really going on in schools — and to amplify and fiercely support teachers’, including school librarians’, voices at a time when they most need to be heard.”

This book fulfills a ton of our 2023 challenge prompts including: a book with a subtitle, a book with a dedication, a book about secrets, has an epilogue, set in a workplace, time in the title, a contemporary setting, and published in 2023! And we cannot wait to share it with TEN of our 52 Book Club readers.

Enter below for a chance to win!

About the book:

A riveting, must-read, year-in-the-life account of three teachers, combined with reporting that reveals what’s really going on behind school doors, by New York Times bestselling author and education expert Alexandra Robbins.

Alexandra Robbins goes behind the scenes to tell the true, sometimes shocking, always inspirational stories of three teachers as they navigate a year in the classroom. She follows Penny, a southern middle school math teacher who grappled with a toxic staff clique at the big school in a small town; Miguel, a special ed teacher in the western United States who fought for his students both as an educator and as an activist; and Rebecca, an East Coast elementary school teacher who struggled to schedule and define a life outside of school. Robbins also interviewed hundreds of other teachers nationwide who share their secrets, dramas, and joys.

Interspersed among the teachers’ stories—a seeming scandal, a fourth-grade whodunit, and teacher confessions—are hard-hitting essays featuring cutting-edge reporting on the biggest issues facing teachers today, such as school violence; outrageous parent behavior; inadequate support, staffing, and resources coupled with unrealistic mounting demands; the “myth” of teacher burnout; the COVID-19 pandemic; and ways all of us can help the professionals who are central both to the lives of our children and the heart of our communities.

The Giveaway:

This giveaway is open to US residents. The giveaway will run from Monday, March 6 until Friday, March 10, 2023. Ten (10) winners will each receive two copies of Alexandra Robbin’s The Teachers provided by Dutton Books (Penguin Random House). Enter below for a chance to win!

33 thoughts on “The Teachers Giveaway”

  1. As an educational psychologist, I am really looking forward to this. I think it will be critical in understanding the teachers my work is trying to help!

  2. Aletheia R Knights

    I would love to win because, as the daughter of teachers who also married a teacher, I know a lot about the challenges teachers face in today’s schools, but I’m always interested to learn more.

  3. I come from a family of teachers and have grown up listening to teacher stories. It would be fascinating to see how the stories in this book compare to my experiences.

  4. I belong to a book club that has been active since 1994. Many of the members are teachers. I would love to bring a copy of this book to share at our next book club..

    1. Wow, I would love to be part of such a long-standing book club! I can only imagine what all they’ve read and experienced together!

  5. I would like to win this book because I enjoy this type of nonfiction and I have a son and daughter-in-law who are teachers. Teachers have a difficult job and a great responsibility.

  6. As a high school English teacher myself I love reading and also love reading about other teachers and education! This books seems right in my wheelhouse.

  7. I would love to read this, as I have been a teacher for a few years and have plenty of colleagues to share it with!

  8. I would love to win this book as a retired teacher. I would share my extra copy with my daughter who is a high school teacher.

  9. I was a former teacher and I’m fascinated to read more about what has been going on in the last decade. It always seems like I left the profession at the right time, based on what has happened since both with common core and also with Covid. My sister is still a teacher and I’d share the extra copy with her.

  10. As a teacher, whose mother, grandmother, and sister in law are all teachers, I’m excited to read this and see how someone has distilled this experience.

  11. I would love to win this because I am a staff member at the same high school my sister teachers at. We could read it together.

  12. Although I’m retired from teaching, I have so many friends still in the profession. This would be a great book to read and share.

  13. I am currently student teaching before heading into the field in the fall. I think this book would be a great encourager before starting my career. My roommate is also student teaching right now and I would love to share a copy with her 🙂

  14. I’ve been teaching at my present school for 23 years and have seen so many changes! I would love to read this book and share it with the other teachers at school.

  15. Miranda Hayes

    As a teacher with two years of private school experience and currently trudging through my first year of teaching public school, I am hoping this book will make me feel validated in my experience, and offer insight and advice on how I can do better, and help me understand how the government and community can do better. Our kids need us and we simply cannot let them down.

  16. I would love to read this with my daughter who has just started teaching public high school in an underprivileged area.

  17. As a district administrator who supports teachers (and a former teacher myself) I am always fascinated to read new fresh perspectives on teachers and teaching.

  18. April-Renee Wenzel

    Always wanted to be a preschool/kindergarten teacher but life happened. i am currently a lead teacher for toddlers and infants at a daycare! would love to read this book!

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