Three Winning Prompts – A Sneak Peek at 2022!

Three Winning Prompts for the 2022 52 Book Club Challenge!

Who’s ready for a sneak peek at the 2022 challenge?

We have just three months left to finish the 2021 challenge. Some of you have a few prompts left, some have already finished, and some are just joining in. No matter what, I know we’re all excited to find out what’s in store for next year! That’s why I am thrilled to share with you our THREE WINNING PROMPTS from our random Facebook and Instagram draws.

These winning prompts were suggested by you, our lovely 52 Book Club members! And let me tell you, there were so many incredible ideas this year!

Our first two prompts were chosen from suggestions left on our Facebook page. The final prompt was chosen from suggestions on our Instagram post. You can watch both of those videos below OR keep scrolling to see the final three picks revealed! (The Facebook video also shares a sneak peek at upcoming 2021 mini-challenges, so you won’t want to miss that one!)

Watch the Facebook Draw Here:

Watch the Instagram Draw Here:

But if your curiosity is getting the better of you, and you need that sneak peek NOW… it is my joy to be able to share the three winners with you here too!

Three Winning 2022 Prompts:

49) Book Title Starting With The Same Letter As Your First Name

50.) A Person of Colour as the Main Character

51.) The Word “Game” in the Title

As you’ll notice, these will be prompts 49, 50, and 51 on our 2022 reading challenge! And if you’re already trying to prepare and plan, we’ve created a couple of Goodreads lists to help you out. Feel free to add your best book suggestions to these lists!

Click here to see the Goodreads List for “A Person of Color as the Main Character”

Click here to see the Goodreads List for “The Word ‘Game’ in the Title.”

Which of these prompts are you most looking forward to? Do you have any ideas for what books you’ll use? Share your thoughts in the comments below, on our Facebook group, or on other social media platforms using the hashtag #the52bookclub2022

Our FULL list of 52 prompts will be released in November. Be sure to sign up for e-mails so you don’t miss it!

Happy reading, book friends!

3 thoughts on “Three Winning Prompts – A Sneak Peek at 2022!”

  1. Really don’t like the “Game” prompt. It doesn’t lend itself to very literary books. On the list of possible titles, I saw only one that interested me at all. This year there wasn’t a single prompt that didn’t have many possibilities.

    1. One of the interpretations other members came up with was a book that has a game in the title (example chess) rather than the word game itself. Or, you could stretch it a little and read a book that features a game? We always encourage creativity when it comes to the prompts so feel free to come up with your own twist!

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