2023 Prompt Finalists

Hello bookworms! Have you heard the news? Throughout the month of September, we’re voting on prompts to appear on next year’s 2023 challenge. Each week, votes are tallied across Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. Our top three picks will be named finalists for that week! In October, those finalists will be placed in a random draw, and the winner will earn their spot on the 2023 challenge! (Live draw date and time TBA.)

Each week our finalists from the previous week will be announced on this page.

Week One:

The results are in from our very first vote, “Set in the city of…” This is the first time we’ve had a specific city as a prompt and we are very excited by our top three finalists as they each have some amazing possibilities.

The finalists: Dublin was this week’s runaway winner with Tokyo and London nabbing the second and third spots.

The remaining results in descending order were: Paris (4th), Barcelona (5th), New York (6th), Venice (7th), Prague (8th), Johannesburg (9th), Istanbul (10th), Damascus (11th), Kathmandu (12th), Warsaw and Vienna (tied 13th), Las Vegas and Berlin (tied 14th), Manaus (15th), Los Angeles (16th), Shanghai (17th), Singapore (18th).

Week Two:

Our finalists for our week two vote are: Neil Gaiman, Jodi Picoult, and Octavia E. Butler! These three finalists will be entered into a random draw and one of them will appear on the 2023 challenge.

Week Three:

Our finalists for week three (an object on the cover) are: Books, A Famous Monument, and Mountains. Each of these have some amazing cover options, and we’re excited to see which one will appear on the 2023 challenge!

The remaining results in descending order were: Birds (4th), Stars (5th), Beach (6th), Trees (7th), Your Birthstone (8th), Clock (9th), Eyeglasses (10th), Sword (11th), Key (12th), Horse (13th), Children (14th), Hands (15th), Sunset (16th), Boat and Airplane (tied for 17th), Jewellery (18th), Heart (19th).

Did your pick make the top three? Do you have any possible reads lined up for these prompts? Share on social media using #the52bookclub2023 and invite your friends and fellow book lovers to come join us for an exciting new year!

Week Four:

Check back next week to see the results of our current vote!

2 thoughts on “Vote for a 2023 Prompt: Finalists”

  1. I am disappointed that London is in the top 3. It’s such a “safe” choice. I personally voted for Johannesburg.

    1. Prague for me. I agree that it’s safe and personally think it’s super boring. Hopefully one of the other two gets chosen

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