Vote for a 2023 Prompt: Week Two

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Week Two: September 12-18, 2022

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week’s poll! While we’re busy tallying up our three city finalists from last week, we’re excited to get started on our week two vote — the author prompt for 2023! This is a prompt that we KNOW you have an opinion on… so, get voting!

How it works:

1. Every Monday in September, watch for a new poll. (Be sure to sign up for e-mails so you don’t miss it!)

2. Vote for your favorite option — the one you’d most like to see on the 2023 challenge. Each week, you have up to three chances to vote. Once in the Facebook group, once in the Goodreads group, and once on Instagram. You can vote as strategically as you’d like — voting for the same option three times, or voting for a different option on each.

3. Once the poll closes, total votes will be tallied across all three platforms (Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram.) The TOP THREE picks for each week will be named finalists and entered into the final running for the 2023 challenge.

4. In October, the winning prompt will be randomly drawn from the top three, weekly finalists. This winning prompt will appear on the 2023 challenge. (This will happen for all four of our September polls, giving us a total of four member-voted prompts for 2023!)

Week Two Vote:

Week Two voting period:
Monday, September 12, 2022 until Sunday, September 18, 2022

This prompt is for any book written by a specific author. (Our past challenges have featured Agatha Christie, Stephen King, and Kristin Hannah.) Part of the fun of this challenge is being open to new authors or genres that might fall outside your regular reading choices. This prompt is an excellent opportunity to try someone new!

Each of the authors on this list has a large backlist of titles. Between these twenty authors, we have books that fall under countless genres: fiction, mysteries, legal thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, classics, children’s books, middle grade stories, romance, plays, and more! We know that everyone has a lot of opinions when it comes to this prompt, so be sure to get your vote in by Sunday, September 18 and persuade your friends to come vote too!

Week 2 Prompt: A book written by…

1. Alice Walker

2. Charles Dickens

3. C.S. Lewis

4. Jacqueline Woodson

5. James Patterson

6. Jodi Picoult

7. John Grisham

8. John Steinbeck

9. Jules Verne

10. Lisa Gardner

11. Louise Erdich

12. Lucy Maud Montgomery

13. Margaret Atwood

14. Mary Higgins Clark

15. Neil Gaiman

16. Nicholas Sparks

17. Nora Roberts / J.D Robb

18. Octavia E. Butler

19. Shakespeare

20. Ursula Vernon / T. Kingfisher

Week 2 Voting Links:

NOTE: Votes must be cast on Facebook, Goodreads, or Instagram. Comments left on this blog post will not count towards the final running. (However, you’re more than welcome to share your favorites and try to convince others to vote for your pick!)

Finished voting? Check back next Monday for our next vote!

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