For a Lifetime

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For a Lifetime by Gabrielle Meyer
Historical Fiction | Time Travel | Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Twin sisters, Grace and Hope come from a long line of time travelers. But the twins have a unique ability — time crossing together between 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and 1912 New York City. Each night, when they fall asleep in one life, they wake up in the other. But the gift of living in two time periods comes with its own set of struggles, and eventually, the girls must choose one life to keep and one life to give up — forever.

Reader’s Thoughts:

For a Lifetime is the third book in the Timeless series by Gabrielle Meyer and was one of my most anticipated reads for 2024. This Christian fiction series follows the lineage of a family of time travelers and is a captivating blend of historical fiction, time travel, and clean romance.

Each book in the series follows a different female character and her time-traveling abilities and adventures. But what I especially love, is the unique twists Meyers adds for each novel — and book three was no exception! For a Lifetime not only alternates between two time periods — 1692 Salem and 1912 New York — it also alternates between twin sisters living in both timelines, Grace and Hope. This had the potential to get very confusing, however, Meyer did an excellent job structuring the storytelling and keeping perspective clear.

The time periods for this novel were both fascinating, each hooking me with their storylines and twists. If you’ve followed along with my reviews, you’ll know that I am a sucker for a “women in aviation” plot, and I loved that element in the 1912 timeline. However, it was the 1692 setting in Salem, Massachusetts that was the star of this book. Understandably, that timeline had higher stakes and felt a lot darker and more intriguing of a plot. Beyond a highschool English class, I hadn’t researched or read a lot about the Salem witch trials, and it was an incredibly interesting setting for this novel. (I particularly appreciated Meyer’s author note at the end of the book for further clarification and research on the subject!)

The darker themes and setting in this novel were contrasted with a strong Christian faith message, as well as the lightness of both main characters falling in love. I appreciated the variety of forces at play as Grace and Hope picked which life they’d like to live forever, and that their decision wasn’t just based on a man (which was my main critique with book two.)

One of my favorite authors once said that romance books are supposed to be predictable because it builds the anticipation of two characters ending up together, and I absolutely felt that here with the romance storylines. The twins each had a unique voice, and I enjoyed both of their perspectives and romances. While I had a couple of nit-picky issues with plot/believability, this was another really fun read that I flew through in a day.

As with all the previous books, the time travel element was well thought out and the writing was easy and engaging. There was also a fun nod toward a previous character in this story, and I love how these time-traveling layers are playing out through each book!

For a Lifetime is another fantastic addition to the series and had some great twists, intriguing settings and characters, and a really unique and fun premise overall. (Note: I highly recommend reading this series in order so as not to ruin any of the reveals from the previous books!) Book four in the Timeless series, Across the Ages, will be releasing later this year — November 2024 — and you can bet, I already have it pre-ordered in my cart!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Recommended for:

Fans of historical fiction and clean romance with a unique twist!

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About the book:

(From the publisher): Grace and Hope are identical twin sisters born with the ability to time-cross together between 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and 1912 New York City. As their twenty-fifth birthday approaches, they will have to choose one life to keep and one to leave behind forever–no matter the cost.

In 1692, they live and work in their father’s tavern, where they must watch helplessly as the witch trials unfold in their village, threatening everyone. With the help of a handsome childhood friend, they search for the truth behind their mother’s mysterious death, risking everything to expose a secret that could save their lives–or be their undoing.

In 1912, Hope dreams of becoming one of the first female pilots in America, and Grace works as an investigative journalist, uncovering corruption and injustice. After their parents’ orphanage is threatened by an adversary, they enter a contest to complete a perilous cross-country flight under the guidance of a daring French aviator.

The sisters have already decided which timeline they will choose, but an unthinkable tragedy complicates the future they planned for themselves. As their birthday looms, how will they determine the lives–and loves–that are best for both of them?

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