Walton Wood Farm’s Book Lover’s April 2024 Box

Book Lover’s Box

April 2024 Book Box from Walton Wood Farms

New to the market of book boxes is Walton Wood Farms’ Book Lover’s Box. In addition to a newly released book, this Canadian box features bath, body, and home decor products. It’s a lush, self-care-focused box, perfect for those who like humorous, cheeky products!

*Huge thanks to Walton Wood Farms for this gifted book box in exchange for posting and sharing about their new product. As always, all opinions and reviews expressed below are my own!

About the Book Lover’s Box:

This April 2024 book box is the second book box from Walton Wood Farm. They currently offer two different genre options for their book boxes — general fiction or thriller. The box also contains 5-7 full-size personal care items from Walton Wood Farms and Koppers Home, and are seasonally curated. (These items are the same for both the general fiction and thriller boxes, the only difference is the book.)

These book boxes are not subscription-based (and are available until sold out.) For 2024, Walton Wood Farms is creating book boxes for February, April, July, September, and December. These boxes are available to ship to the US and Canada.

If you’re interested in grabbing a box for yourself, you can use my code 52book at checkout for 5% off!

Ready to see what was inside this April 2024 box? Let’s take a look!

A Man Downstairs by Nicole Lundrigan

The most anticipated item in any book box is always the book! This month, I went with Walton Wood Farm’s Thriller Box. The April book choice was A Man Downstairs by Nicole Lundrigan, a March 2024 release by a Canadian author.

About the book: What Molly recalls of her young life with her father is full of love and care, even though a violent trauma defined her when she was a young girl, she witnessed her mother’s murder, and her testimony – “There was a man downstairs” – sent a teenager to prison. After Molly, a trained therapist, volunteers for a local helpline, the threats begin. At first, they seem random, but soon Molly realizes that she is a target, and even those closest to her seem suspicious, especially as unsuspected links between them emerge. More than one life was destroyed on that horrific long-ago day, and now someone intends to hold Molly accountable.

Hand Rescue Cream

The Walton Wood Farm book boxes have some cheeky products and this April 2024 box is designed for those tough weeks when you simply need to relax! The first item I grabbed from the box was a 4 oz jar of hand rescue cream. The cream is small-batch crafted and made of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Green Tea. Rich and thick without feeling super greasy, the product is moisturizing and has a lovely grapefruit and brown sugar scent.

Lip Balm

One of my most used products in the previous box was the lip balm, so I was really happy to see another chapstick in this April box. The “Week from Hell Lip Balm” has an unexpected grapefruit maple scent — a combination that surprisingly works really well together. You get a tangy hit of the grapefruit first and then a lasting sweeter scent of maple. It’s unique and fun! The lip balm has a very natural wax feel to it and lasts well. As someone who uses (and loses) a lot of lip balms, this is one of my favorite items to receive.

Body Oil

The Week from Hell Body Oil is another full-sized product with the familiar grapefruit and brown sugar scent. This was my first time trying a body oil and I loved how it made my skin soft and glowy without being greasy. The oil absorbed into the skin quickly leaving a silky smooth feel. This is a product that I might not have purchased on my own and I think that’s one of the great things about subscription boxes like these — you get to try out, discover, and fall in love with new items!

Small Planter

For the decor items in the Book Lover’s Boxes, Walton Wood Farm has teamed up with Koppers Home. This month, one of the items was a ceramic planter with a lovely rainbow-esque pattern. The planter is in a neutral color, with a shiny white glaze, which makes it easy to fit into a broad range of home decorating styles. I have already nestled one of my faux IKEA plants inside (I do not have a green thumb!) and it makes a great addition to my shelf.

Wooden Decor Mushroom

Another fun home decor item in this month’s box is an adorable mushroom from Koppers Home. This wooden item feels rustic and whimsical and is a great addition to my spring decor. It’s a decent size and feels solidly built. While I’m not sure how well it fits with the aesthetic of the box as a whole, it’s a fun piece that made me smile. You’ll certainly see it in future #bookstagram photos on The 52 Book Club Instagram.

Fresh Hell Glass

The third item from Koppers Home in this box is a stemless wine glass with the slogan, “What Fresh Hell is This?” It fits well with the overall vibe of the box and the April selection of body products. Personally, this is my least favorite item in the box (nothing to do with the quality of the product, but rather my own preferences.) At the same time, I know that this will probably be a favorite for a lot of other book box recipients, and that’s all part of the fun of boxes like this!

I also want to note that sending fragile pieces like this in the mail can always be a bit risky, but this box was extremely well-packaged. I’ll touch on this further below, but you can tell that a lot of thought went into ensuring that all the items arrived in one piece, and I appreciated that a lot.

Sassy Stuff Murdery Soap Bar

This goat milk soap comes with the title, “This soap makes me feel less murdery” and I thought that was fun and humorous (especially for the thriller box.) The soap has a very subtle, pleasant scent that I couldn’t quite pinpoint and feels soft and moisturizing on the skin. I also love that all the products in these Book Lover’s Boxes are full-size. The bar itself feels very substantial and I think this will make for a long-lasting product.

Week from Hell Survival Kit

The last item in this book box was a “Week from Hell Survival Kit.” This box came with a squeeze bottle of the hand rescue cream, another lip balm, and a cracked skin salve. Given that we already had hand cream and a lip balm in the box, this felt like a very generous addition! I like to carry body lotion in my purse so this 2 oz bottle is the perfect size to use when I’m out and about. I’m also constantly losing my lip balms, so an extra tube is absolutely welcome and necessary in my life!

Final Thoughts:

I thought this was a really generous box. It was stuffed with self-care and home decor items and in terms of price, it feels like a great value. Each of the self-care items checked the mark for feeling high-quality, non-greasy, easy on my occasionally sensitive skin, and had a nice scent — all things I’m looking for in body products. Everything feels well-made and practical, and almost all of them are items that will actually be used in my daily skincare routine or around the house.

While the box is a little cheekier than my usual purchases, that’s something that simply comes down to personal preferences. I also felt that some of the items weren’t as cohesive with the aesthetic and feel of this month’s box as a whole, but the quality and items themselves more than make up for this minor critique!

On a practical note, the box contained quite a few fragile items and I applaud the fact that it was wrapped and packaged so well. This has been an issue for me with book boxes from other companies, but you could tell that Walton Wood Farm put a lot of thought into ensuring that everything arrived in one piece. Beyond the bubble wrap, stuffing, and double box, the oil also came in a separate Ziploc bag to ensure that none of the other products would be damaged if there was a leak. It was evident that this box has been thought through not just in terms of what’s inside but all the way to the actual delivery to customers, and that’s important!

The July Book Lover’s Boxes will be available for purchase soon via the Walton Wood Farm website. (And there may still be a few April boxes left too if you’re interested in the products I just shared.) Don’t forget to use my code 52book for 5% off your Walton Wood Farm book box!

Many thanks to Walton Wood Farm for this gifted book box! As always, all opinions and reviews expressed are entirely my own!

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