Walton Wood Farm’s Booklover’s February 2024 Box

Booklover’s Book Box

February 2024 Book Box from Walton Wood Farms

A few months ago, I was contacted by Walton Wood Farms (a Canadian bath and body product company) and invited to try their new book box. When it comes to bookish items, book boxes are my favorite things and I was beyond excited to be one of the first to check out this debut box.

My February 2024 book box arrived a few weeks ago, and I’m really excited to show you what was inside (as well as offer a little discount code if you’re interested in grabbing a box for yourself or a friend!)

*Huge thanks to Walton Wood Farms for this gifted book box in exchange for posting and sharing about their new product. As always, all opinions and reviews expressed below are my own!

About the Book Lover’s Box:

This February 2024 book box is the very first ever book box from Walton Wood Farm. They currently offer two different genre options for their book boxes — either general fiction or thriller. The box also contains 5-7 full-size personal care items from Walton Wood Farms and Koppers Home, and are seasonally curated. (These items are the same for both the general fiction and thriller boxes, the only difference is the book.)

These book boxes are not subscription-based (and are available until sold out.) For 2024, Walton Wood Farms will be creating book boxes for February, April, July, September, and December. These boxes are available to ship to the US and Canada.

If you’re interested in grabbing a box for yourself, you can use my code 52book at checkout for 5% off!

Ready to see what was inside this February 2024 box? Let’s check it out!

Clover Hendry’s Day Off by Beth Morrey

The most important item for me in any book box is obviously, the book! This February 2024 Book Lover’s Box contained the book, Clover Hendry’s Day Off by Beth Morrey. (You can see the thriller option here.) This is a 2024 release that I had not heard of before, and that’s one of my favorite things about book boxes — uncovering new authors and products that I might not find or discover on my own.

About the book: Clover hasn’t said “No” a day in her life. Until today. Normally a woman who tips her hairdresser even when the cut is hideous, is endlessly patient with her horrendous mother, and says yes every time her boss asks her to work late—today, things are going to be very different. Because Clover is taking the day off. Today, she’s going to do and say whatever she likes, even if it means her whole life unravels.

Winter Bath Bombs from Walton Wood Farm

This February 2024 book box has a very wintery theme to it, bringing lots of peppermint scents and cheeky wintery product names — and these bath bombs are no exception! While I’m personally a little more reserved in the product names I pick off the shelf, baths are one of my go-to options for self-care and I was looking forward to testing this product out.

As soon as you open the package, the bath bombs give off a really strong (in a good way) peppermint smell that evokes a sense of relaxation. Once dissolved in the tub, however, it’s a much lighter scent. (I did end up using two bombs since I have a fairly large bath.) There are also no dyes in this product, and it didn’t leave any greasy or oily residue on my skin or in the tub — this is one of the reasons I don’t use bath bombs very often, and was so glad to find that wasn’t an issue with these. These winter bath bombs will definitely be used regularly!

Wet Look Pillar Candle by Deluxe Home

If you follow along with @the52bookclub on Instagram, you’ll know that candles are some of my favorite things. While this is an LED candle, it creates the look of a real wax-burning candle with its “melted liquid wax” pooling around the wick and the soft flicker of the light. I think the melted wax look is a fun idea and a great option for those who enjoy the look of candles without the scent, or without the risk of fire if you have little ones or pets in the home.

Winter Salve from Walton Wood Farm

The Winter’s a Bear Cracked Skin Salve comes in a super cute, tiny 0.5oz tin and has an underlying hint of peppermint scent to it. The Walton Wood Farm website says that it can be used for cracked skin or as a lip salve.

Sugar Scrub from Walton Wood Farm

As with a lot of the Walton Wood Farm products, this sugar scrub has a really fun slogan — “Flakes are for snow, not skin!” This real white sugar scrub has a peppermint buttercream scent that I was more than happy to slather myself in as it smelled absolutely delicious. My skin can be sensitive to new products but after using this scrub, my skin felt soft and moisturized and smelled delightful. (This is probably one of my favorite items in this box!)

Winter Lip Balm from Walton Wood Farm

My lips are always dry, so I love this addition to a wintery-themed box. I’ve been carrying this peppermint-scented balm around in my coat pocket for the past week and is probably my most used product from this box so far! The scent is mild but soothing, and the product has a very natural wax feel to it, while still being moisturizing and long-lasting.

Hand Rescue from Walton Wood Farm

“Soft hands make better snowballs” according to this Walton Wood Farm Hand Rescue cream, and this product definitely made my hands feel soft! Described as a light and fluffy Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, and Green Tea hand whip, I’m really enjoying the scent and feel of this product. I also love that it is large enough to feel like a decent-sized product but still a great size for carrying around in my purse (which is where I’m keeping it for quick access!)

Shhh Just Shhh Mug from Koppers Home

This ceramic mug from Koppers Home has already been put to good use, and I love the cozy feel and design of this cup. This 16oz mug says “Shhh Just Shhh” on both sides, and is a perfect addition to my collection.

Overall, this felt like a fantastic start for this debut book box from Walton Wood Farm! I’ve tried numerous products from this company before and have always been impressed with the quality of body care items they offer. This box very much feels like an emphasis on self-care and relaxation, and I can’t wait to see what we’re in for with their future boxes!

The April Book Lover’s Boxes are available for purchase now via the Walton Wood Farm website. (And there may still be a few February boxes left too if you’re interested in the products I just shared.) Don’t forget to use my code 52book for 5% off your Walton Wood Farm book box!

Many thanks to Walton Wood Farm for this gifted book box! As always, all opinions and reviews expressed are entirely my own!

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