The 52 Book Club 2023 Challenge Journal

2023 Challenge Journal

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A few months ago, we released our very first 52 Book Club Journal to pair with our 2024 challenge, and we were blown away by the response! Many of you reached out directly or commented asking if we would consider going back and creating journals for all of our previous challenge years as well — and we loved that idea!

So, we are beyond excited to announce that we have just released our 52 BOOK CLUB 2023 JOURNAL!

While 2023 is over, the prompts for this challenge are timeless and can be completed at any time. Many of our 52 Book Club members choose to go back and work through challenge years they haven’t yet completed, and this journal is the perfect optional add-on for those working through the 2023 challenge.

(It is also a great option for those who have already completed the 2023 challenge but would like a physical memento of their challenge success!)

This challenge journal is specifically designed to match the aesthetic of our 2023 challenge theme. It’s bright and bold and a ton of fun! The journal contains specific review pages for each of the fifty-two prompts on our 2023 challenge, as well as pages for the seven mini-challenges, summer reading challenge, and some additional bonus content. Similar to our 2024 journal, this item is printed and shipped by Amazon. (You can find purchase links below!)

Here’s a closer look:

Note: Color in test photos varies slightly from the finished product.

Journal Content:

The journal contains pages for all the prompts we released in 2023. This includes seven mini-challenges, our “Read It, Watch It” challenge, and our Summer ’23 Reading Challenge, as well as other bonus content.

Here’s what you can expect in your 2023 challenge journal:

  • The 2023 challenge graphic
  • Planning pages
  • 52 review pages customized for each prompt
  • Specific mini-challenge pages
  • Read It, Watch It Bonus Challenge
  • Bingo challenge
  • Summer ’23 Reading Challenge pages
  • Challenge Book of the Year
  • My year in review

Note: Because this book is created by Amazon, the pages may be thinner than other planners. We recommend using non-bleed pens when writing in your journal.

The journal is also fully compatible with our 2023 prompt stickers, available from our official sticker partner, PlanItWithStickers. You can purchase the 2023 stickers here.

If you’re curious about exactly what’s inside, or have more questions about how to use specific sections, you can also check out this 2023 Journal walkthrough video that we’ve created just for you:

Available Now!

The 52 Book Club 2023 journal is available now, wherever Amazon ships! The journal is available for 16.99 USD (pricing will vary by region depending on the exchange rate.) Due to Amazon printing, journals purchased from Amazon Australia or Amazon Japan will have a black-and-white interior. Journals purchased from all other regions will have a color interior.

If the button does not direct you to the Amazon region closest to you, here are the links to the individual Amazon regions: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, Amazon ES, Amazon IT, Amazon NL, Amazon PL, Amazon SE, Amazon CA

AUSTRALIA: and JAPAN: Due to the different interior printing, the above button won’t work for Amazon Australia or Japan, but our friends using Amazon Australia can purchase here, and our friends in Japan can purchase here.

We hope you all love this new 2023 journal as much as we do! Thank you so much for supporting The 52 Book Club!

7 thoughts on “The 52 Book Club 2023 Challenge Journal”

    1. Liz Mannegren

      If you’re looking for our 2024 journal, you can find all the information here:

      This is specifically for those who are going back to complete the 2023 challenge. (Many of our members do so!) While 2023 is over, the prompts are timeless and can be completed at any time. It’s a great way to continue the challenge fun! Since 2024 was our first ever journal, we’ll be going back and creating journals for all the previous years as well, for those who would like them.

      1. Will there also be stickers for previous journals? Those are also lovely additions and a great way to track previous challenges.

      2. I love that you’re creating journals for previous years’ challenges! I prefer using the book cover images to track my progress. Are you considering making images for 2022 and beyond? ๐Ÿคž

        1. Yes! There are so many great ways to track your reads! For the book cover images, are you referring to the graphic with space to add all 52 book covers? That’s a great suggestion!

          1. Yes! With the 52 books on the left and prompt list on the right. I’ve just joined this year, but would love to have the consistency as I work on the older challenges.

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