Vote for a 2024 Prompt: Finalists

2024 Prompt Finalists

Calling all fans of The 52 Book Club! Throughout the month of September, we’re voting on prompts to appear on next year’s 2024 challenge. Each week, votes are tallied across Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. Our top two picks will be named finalists for that week!

On October 7, those finalists will be placed in a random draw, and the winner will earn their spot on the 2024 challenge. The LIVE random draw will take place on Saturday, October 7th at 2 pm ET (Eastern Time) on The 52 Book Club YouTube channel. Subscribe and mark your calendars!

Each week our finalists from the previous week will be announced on this page.

Week One:

The results are in from our very first vote, “The word ___ in the title.” And the top two favorites for this week were very clear! There was only an 11 vote difference between the two, and both winning words received 25% of the total vote. (Which means that a total of 50% of the votes went toward these two options!)

First place: SECRET
Second place: LAST

SECRET was this week’s winner with LAST taking the close second spot. Both of these words will go into our random draw in October, and one will be picked LIVE as prompt 48 on our 2024 challenge! The remaining results in descending order were: Girl (3rd), End (4th), Home (5th), Party (6th), Life (7th), Down (8th), Love (9th), My (10th).

Week Two:

Our week two poll was for a book “Set in…” While there was a tight race for second place, our first-place finalist won easily. In October, one of these two prompts will be picked live as prompt 49 on our 2024 challenge.


The remaining results were: Greece (3rd), Antarctica (4th), New Zealand (5th), Tokyo (6th), Cairo (7th), Central America and China (tied for 8th), Mexico (9th).

Week Three:

Our week three poll was for the prompt, “A _____ on the cover.

Second place: WEAPON

The remaining results were: Crown (3rd), Castle (4th), Vegetable (5th), Sunglasses (6th), Flames (7th), Sporting Equipment (8th), Lovers (9th), Target (10th).

Week Four:

We’ve done it! Thanks for voting, everyone! Our final poll featured the prompt, “Related to the word…” and this was such a fun vote! The results from this poll were a little more evenly matched across the board, but we did still have two clear winners!

First place: WILD
Second place: DELICIOUS

The remaining results were: Danger (3rd), Obsession (4th), Nostalgia (5th), Legend (6th), Found (7th), Empowered (8th), Transition (9th), Overcoming (10th.)

Overall Winners:

Don’t forget to tune in to our LIVE draw to see our final four winners! We’ll be choosing the winners on Saturday, October 7th at 2 pm ET (Eastern Time.) The draw will take place on the 52 Book Club YouTube channel, so subscribe and follow to make sure you don’t miss it!

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  1. Great finalists! Excited for the final drawing.

    Thanks for all your efforts to make this Challenge so much fun.

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