Vote for a 2024 Prompt: Week One

Vote for a 2024 Prompt!

WEEK ONE: September 4-10, 2023

Hey book friends!

It’s September! And while many of you are working on finishing up this year’s challenge, here at The 52 Book Club, we have officially begun prepping for 2024! We have forty-eight of next year’s challenge prompts locked in, but there are four prompts left that we want your help with!

If you’ve been a part of The 52 Book Club for a while, you’ll know that we love getting your input on prompts. We’ve done this in a variety of ways over the past five years, but this year, we’re once again putting things to a vote!

Each Monday in September we will be voting on a prompt for our 2024 challenge. You can find all the details (including how to vote and which prompt we’re voting on first) below! The top two votes from each week will be entered into a live draw at the beginning of October, so don’t forget to pick your favorites and cast your vote now to have a say in next year’s challenge!

How it works:

1. Every Monday in September, watch for a new poll. (Be sure to sign up for e-mails so you don’t miss it!) Each week we’ll be voting on a different prompt, and each vote will contain ten different options to choose from.

2. Vote for your favorite option. Pick the option you’d most like to see on the 2024 challenge. Each week, you have up to three chances to vote. Once in the Facebook group, once in the Goodreads group, and once on Instagram. You can vote as strategically as you’d like — voting for the same option three times or voting for a different option on each.

3. Once the poll closes, total votes will be tallied across all three platforms (Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram.) Each weekly poll will be open from Monday until Sunday, closing at 12 a.m. PT. The TOP TWO picks for each week will be named finalists and entered into the final running for the 2024 challenge.

4. In October, the winning prompts will be randomly drawn from each of our two weekly finalists. These winning prompts will appear on the 2024 challenge. (This will happen for all four of our September polls, giving us a total of four member-voted prompts for 2024!)


Week One voting period:
Monday, September 4, 2023 until Sunday, September 10, 2023

Prompt: “The word _______ in the title.”

This week we are voting on the prompt, “The word ______ in the title.” Below you’ll find ten different options to consider. The top two prompts from this week will be named finalists. In October, both finalists will be entered into a random draw. The winning prompt from that draw will then appear on our 2024 challenge.

As with all our title prompts, the winning word must appear in either the title or subtitle. When deciding which word to vote for, feel free to take some time to research book titles and see which one appeals to you most. You have until Sunday, September 10 to cast your vote! (Remember, each week you can vote up to three times: once on Facebook, once on Goodreads, and once on Instagram.) 


1) Girl

2) Last

3) Down

4) End

5) Party

6) Home

7) My

8) Life

9) Love

10) Secret

Week One Voting Links

NOTE: Votes must be cast on Facebook, Goodreads, or Instagram. Each week you can vote up to three times (once on Facebook, once on Instagram, once on Goodreads.) Comments left on this blog post will not count towards the final running (however, you’re more than welcome to share your favorites and try to convince others to vote for your pick!)

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