Winners from 2023 Polls Announced!

Four Winning Prompts for 2023 Announced!

In September, we released four different polls for 2023 prompts and asked you to vote for your favorites! The prompts we voted on were: “Set in the city of…” “An author,” “An object on the cover,” and “Related to the word….” After each round of voting, the top three options were named finalists. (You can find the full list of finalists on our website, here!)

This past weekend, we did a live draw to name the winners. These four winning prompts will appear on our 2023 challenge, and we can’t wait to see which books you match to them!

Missed the live draw on Facebook? Not only did we pick the winners, we also chatted about some exciting things coming your way in November! But not to worry, you can watch it again here:

The Winners:

1) Set in the city of Dublin

2) A book by Octavia E. Butler

3) Books on the cover

4) Related to the word “Murder”

Have ideas for these prompts? The 2023 doesn’t officially begin until January 1, 2023 but you are welcome to start planning in advance. (This is particularly helpful if you’re interested in a library book that has a long wait time, or if you’re keeping an eye out for book deals and sales online.) Share which books you’re planning on reading in the comments or offer some creative interpretations below! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Want to start planning? You can find the Goodreads lists for these winners here:

Set in the City of Dublin

A book by Octavia E. Butler

Books on the cover

Related to the word “Murder”

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